Amsterdam ranks 2nd ‘most livable’ city in the world

Amsterdam ranks 2nd ‘most livable’ city in the world

Amsterdam has come in second place in a new ranking of the best cities in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) global “livability” ranking.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), in collaboration with data-sharing company BuzzData, opened its city ranking and cost of living data to the public recently and invited people to compile a new form of city index.

The result shows Amsterdam taking a prestigious 2nd place in the global EIU Best Cities Ranking 2012. The aim of the survey was to complement the existing EIU Liveability index with an awareness of cities’ spatial characteristics. In practical terms, this meant proportionately reducing the weighting of the standard five criteria of Stability, Healthcare, Culture and Environment, Education and Infrastructure to 75% and adding a sixth criteria (spatial characteristics) that carries a weight of 25%. This new criterion seeks to account for spatial aspects of city life: urban form (sprawl, green space), the geographical situation of the city (natural assets, isolation and connectivity), cultural assets and pollution.

The new survey, a ‘spatially adjusted’ liveability list , was generated for 70 out of the 140 cities in the Liveability index because of time and resource availability.

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  • RL Reeves Jr

    If only there was some way that the reporter could have figured out how to determine who the number one city was. Maybe that just wasn’t possible.

  • M Mons

    who finished first? readers might want to know…

  • Pris

    and… the first city is…?………..:/..

  • Figgy

    Number 1 city was Rotterdam. That’s why it’s not mentioned.

  • Julisette
  • Pieter van der Meer

    all these cities have one thing in common. they are hideously expensive to live in.

  • Vince Mac Daddy

    I’m on the edge of my seat here. I want to know who is the city that came in first?

  • Alstublift

    Actually the #1 city is Melbourne. I was thinking that it was New York City…but it couldn’t be there is nowhere to move.

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