Dutch households spent one billion euros on security

Posted on Nov 24, 2015 in News | 0 comments

In 2014, spending on security in the Netherlands amounted to approximately 13 billion euros. Security expenditure increased until 2013 but then declined marginally. Average spending per capita last year...

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Dutch home and car sales increased

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 in News | 1 comment

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) announced that the volume of investments in tangible fixed assets grew by 12.1 percent in September 2015 relative to September 2014. The increase is again mainly...

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Rotterdam Named One of World’s Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2016

Posted on Nov 18, 2015 in Features, News | 1 comment

Rotterdam has been named one of the top cities in the world for travelers in 2016. The city receives the accolade in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2016, the...

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Dutch consumer-oriented producers optimistic about 2016

Posted on Nov 17, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Dutch producers selling directly to consumers are optimistic about their turnover results for 2016. Optimism prevails in the retail sector, the travel industry, the sector hotels and restaurants and...

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UvA makes sharp rise in THE World University Rankings

Posted on Oct 4, 2015 in News | 0 comments

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has risen from 77th to 58th spot in the 2015-2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. In the newest THE rankings, released on Wednesday,...

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Two thirds of all Dutch people aged 15 to 74 have jobs

Posted on Sep 18, 2015 in News | 0 comments

The Netherlands has 12.7 million inhabitants aged 15 to 74. In this group, the number of employed has gone up by 12 thousand over the past three months. In...

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Continuing decrease in Dutch imports of arms and ammunition

Posted on Sep 17, 2015 in News | 7 comments

Dutch imports of arms and ammunition (excluding fighter jets) have been on the decrease for years, as reported by Statistics Netherlands. In 2014, the imports amounted to nearly 100...

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Amsterdam ranked third in the world for attracting foreign investment projects

Posted on Sep 16, 2015 in Features, News | 0 comments

Amsterdam has been ranked third in the IBM Global Location Trends 2015 report, rising one place from last year’s position. This report looks at how international cities and nations...

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Dutch King Spells Out Government’s Plans for the Year Ahead

Posted on Sep 15, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Dutch King Willem-Alexander addressed the joint session of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament today and set out the main features of government policy for the coming parliamentary...

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​Suicide rate among Dutch women on the rise

Posted on Sep 10, 2015 in News | 3 comments

Thursday (Sep 10) is World Suicide Prevention Day. In the Netherlands, a total of 1,835 inhabitants of the Netherlands ended their own lives In 2014, on average five people...

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