Record Number of Tourists Visit the Netherlands in 2012

Record Number of Tourists Visit the Netherlands in 2012

A record number of tourists visited The Netherlands in 2012, according to the Dutch Board for Tourism and Congresses (NBTC).

Some 11.7 million tourists, an increase of 4 percent on 2011, spent a total of 4.75 billion euros. The growth is partly attributable to an overall increase in popularity of city-trips and an expansion in flight connections.

Next to this, strong economic growth in Asia has resulted in a growing middleclass with high disposable incomes. This, combined with a weak euro, made the Netherlands an attractive proposition.

Although the NBTC is pleased with the 4% increase in visitor numbers, the reduction in spending was disappointing and largely due to travelers being more price-conscious about travel, lodgings and pleasure once at the destination. The NBTC predicts a further 3 percent growth for 2013.

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