Snoop Dogg shoots new video clip in Amsterdam

Snoop Dogg shoots new video clip in Amsterdam

American rapper Snoop Dogg has chosen Amsterdam as a destination to endow his new video clip.

The popular rapper Snoop Dogg has recorded a new music video last week in Amsterdam. The video clip for his new single I Drink I Smoke.

That reports FunX on its website. Snoop Dogg is seen in the video with some sexy dancers on the Museumplein, with the trademark logo of I Amsterdam.

Snoop Dogg performed at Paradiso on Wednesday evening during the hip-hop event BOSS. Also, Busta Rhymes, Warren G were present at the party that was dominated by West Coast-hiphop.

U.S. rapper Snoop Dogg will be back in the Netherlands to perform during the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands on Sunday, July 10.

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